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IVF Treatment And Fertility
In patients with low sperm viability, quantity, number and structural quality, microfluidic
technology, also known as the "chip baby method", ensures that the best quality
sperm cells are selected by competing with each other in a way similar to the natural environment
in the uterus, and ICSI is defined in in vitro fertilization treatment. With the application, it is left into
the egg cell by microinjection method.
In this method, sperm cells with the best structural form, genetics and physiology are selected
without causing cell damage, since techniques such as centrifugation (settling), vortex (mixing
with high vibration) or mixing with a pipette are not applied to the sperm cells, which can
physically damage the sperm cells.
In classical preparation methods, sperm cells are prepared in a shorter time without being
subjected to manipulation by skipping processes such as washing, flotation, gradient (grading),
centrifugation (precipitation at high speeds). Thus, the sperm cells with the best DNA quality and
physiologically are selected by themselves, and the sperm cells that pass this pre-screening are
again screened under the microscope and the sperm cells of excellent quality are used for
The above-mentioned classical preparation methods cause sperm cells to undergo respiratory
stress, known as oxidative stress, and it has been scientifically proven that this can also cause
DNA damage in healthy sperm cells.
Better quality embryos are tried to be obtained with sperm cells that have been proven to be of
the best quality by scientific data, and thus embryos with the highest potential for implantation
(attachment) and development are obtained.
The average total mobility in suckling samples taken from male individuals with microchip
technology increased by 1.7 times.
The sperm cells obtained by this method were found 3 times faster than the classical preparation
methods, and the forward motile sperm cells increased 3.8 times.
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