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TESE - TESA Practices

Micro TESE is a painless procedure performed under anesthesia. The aim here is to enlarge the tissue under the microscope and remove the tissues with a high probability of containing sperm. Therefore, while the probability of finding sperm increases in theory, the damage to the testis decreases as less tissue is taken. Tissue samples taken are subjected to a series of processes and living sperm cells are separated. While these cells are used in the microinjection process, sperm are stored in other observed tissues for use in different experiments. ​ ​ Points to consider before micro-TESE You should not eat or drink anything (including water) for at least 6 hours before the operation. · Clean the operation area with a razor blade. Take a bath. 

Bring loose
trousers or sweatpants with you as pressure on the testicles will cause pain after the operation. You will be discharged 1-2 hours after the operation. Points to consider after micro TESE Liquid food intake can be started within 3 hours after the
operation. You can take a bath on the 5th day after the operation. · Do not have sexual intercourse for 1 week. If you have pain, you can use painkillers. If you experience redness, swelling or bleeding at the operation site, inform your doctor. 

self-dissolving sutures are used during Micro TESE, there is no suture removal process. The stitches will dissolve by themselves in 7-10 days. Risks As a result of micro TESE, viable sperm cells may not be obtained. This risk depends on the underlying cause. The chance of finding sperm in a patient with obstruction in the sperm ducts; higher than the patient with hormonal or genetic problems. Postoperatively, infection and bleeding may occur at the operation site.