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IVF Treatment And Fertility

Every woman wants to feel the maternity. We try to see smiling on your face for that very small breath to be included into your world. We, as Huma IVF Center, plan to be with you in this process from the first step of your treatment to your birth with awareness of your infertility problems. We target to bring you together with the healthy individuals in your home while starting with the slogan ‘Let us Add Your Imagination into Your Life’, believe that you will feel safe and in peace in our center. We take the fair pride in presenting the high quality service to you with a principle trying to catch the world standards with our knowledge.

Our success in the assisted reproductive treatments is based on a team working in plan and in coordination.
Our team consisted of the gynaecologists, embryologists, nurses and the patient consultants expert at their subjects, open to share information shall be glad to give service to you in this way where you started in order to be able to have a child.
Huma IVF Center started out by making renewing itself every passing day in the infertility practices a rule. We are over the world standards at rates of pregnancy to be obtained by using the assisted reproductive techniques.
Our patient consultants are in your service in all stages of your treatments in order to ease the IVF center treatment processes of our patients who will come to our center for treatment from abroad. We enable accommodation at a discount in our contractual hotels and the transportation support, prepare the programs where you will be able to follow your treatment at a distance.

IVF Center Treatment Techniques

• TESE- TESA Practices
• PGT (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostic)
• Calcium Ionophore
• Intra lipid
• Asisted Hatching
• Microchip
• Embryoscopy
• Pool Method
• Uterus Resting