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IVF Treatment And Fertility
Immune Serum
In recent years, "intralipids" have been used to reorganize the immune systems of
candidates, especially in recurrent IVF failures. Intralipids consist of an oil emulsion of soybean
oil, egg phospholipids and glycerin. Intralipid serum application provides intrauterine balance by
affecting the immune system that prevents the embryo from adhering to the expectant mother.
This application, which is given to patients intravenously in the form of serum, is carried out at
certain intervals during the ovulation induction, on the day of embryo transfer and in the following

While deciding on intralipid serum supplementation in line with the treatments we planned with
the principle of personalized treatment, the physical and biological characteristics of the couples,
recurrent IVF failures and infertility histories are taken into account.
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