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Liposuction; It is the process of removing fat from the body such as abdomen, hips and neck using the vacuuming technique. Depending on genetic factors and lifestyle, fat may accumulate in different parts of a person's body, even if they are not overweight. Those who have disproportion in the upper and lower areas, fat accumulation in the abdominal area, and a double chin that does not disappear despite losing weight can achieve the look they want with the liposuction method.
Liposuction can also be performed with ultrasound or laser energy. The advantage of these methods, known as Vaser and laser liposuction, is that they break down the fat better, shorten the operation time and reduce the edema that occurs after the operation, helping to achieve an appearance that meets the persons expectations.Abdomen, hips, upper legs, knees, upper arms, under the chin, cheeks and neck are the areas where liposuction method can be applied. This process is a regional shaping method on the body and should not be perceived as a general slimming method. The people most suitable for liposuction are those who can lose weight by applying slimming methods but still have protrusions in some areas.

The duration of surgery depends primarily on the size of the area or areas to be liposuctioned. The operation takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. You may need to stay in the hospital on the same day after liposuction performed under local anesthesia, and for 1 day during your surgery under general anesthesia.
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