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Medical Aesthetic

Natural and artificial factors, especially aging, can cause the skin to lose its old appearance and become deformed. Surgical and non-surgical methods continue to be frequently preferred by people who are dissatisfied with their external appearance.
Hüma Hospital offers you health and beauty together in its Medical Aesthetics Clinic, which prioritizes professionalism and high-level technology.


What is Botox?

Botox , botulinum It is an abbreviation of the word toxin . Bacteria is a condensed type of protein. By acting on a substance called acetylcholine , which provides this communication between the brain and muscle , Botox prevents the contraction of small muscle groups that cause the appearance of wrinkles on the face and ensures that wrinkles are minimized.
It provides a more aesthetic appearance to the person by showing the effect of eliminating the appearance of wrinkled and old skin in a short time. Botox also provides expression design.
Because of the lines on the face, people who have an angry and stressful stance can easily get rid of this situation with botox .

How is Botox applied?

Botox application is done through a thin needle tip. Specially designed small injectors are used with a thin needle. The application is made to the muscle layer. During the Botox procedure, a slight burning sensation, like a needle stick, is felt. Other than that, no pain is felt. However, local anesthetic cream and ice are applied to sensitive individuals during the procedure.

How Long Does Botox Effect Last?

of Botox lasts up to 4-6 months. In repetitive botox applications, this period is prolonged in many patients. The effect of Botox does not end abruptly 4-6 months after it is made, it disappears over time. A person who has had botox for a long time will have fewer wrinkles than if he has never had botox, even after the procedure has lost its effect. That's why botox is also used as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Facial Botox
Eye area Botox
Forehead Botox
Between Eyebrows Botox
Upper lip (Smoking lines) Botox
Lip Edge (sad face) Botox
Gummy Smile (The appearance of the gums when smiling) Botox
Upper Nose (Rabbit lines) Botox
Masseter (Chewing) Botox
Nefertiti (Neck and Decollete) Botox
Hands and palms Botox
Sweating Botox
Migraine Botox


Nose Filling: It is a painless and painless procedure that provides an aesthetic nose appearance without the need for surgery in people who have problems such as curvature and symmetry in the nose area, droopy nose tip .

anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be applied, waiting for 15-20 minutes and the area is disinfected, and the filling material is injected under the skin in appropriate doses.

After this procedure, which lasts for an average of 1-1.5 years and takes about 15-20 minutes, the person can return to his daily life immediately.

The biggest advantage of nasal filling is that the desired shape can be given to the nose of the person. A better profile view can be obtained by filling the gaps in the main bone. In the same way, nasal tip deformities can be eliminated to a certain extent and the nose can be given a more upturned appearance.
Cheek-Cheek Filling : With the cheek filling technique, which is made to find practical and quick solutions to aesthetic problems on the face, volume deficiencies in the cheeks of the person can be successfully treated with an operation that takes 15 minutes. Hyaluronic acid filling , which is found in the natural structure of the skin, is generally preferred as a filling material.
Lip Filling : Lip augmentation, which is applied to add volume to the lips and increase their aesthetic appearance, is a painless filling process that takes 10-15 minutes.
Nasolabial Filling: Nasolabial lines , which are known as laugh lines among the people, appear more clearly when people laugh. With the nasolabial filling process, the appearance of deep pits is eliminated and the tissues in this area have a more vivid and fuller appearance.

Under-Eye Light Filling: Under-eye bags, bruises and swellings, depending on the genetic structure of the person, usually begin to become more pronounced in the 30s . With under-eye light filling, people's under-eyes get a healthy appearance without pain and pain. The permanence of this process, which is made by allowing the gel with a high water content of hyaluronic acid to dissolve in the body, is 1-1.5 years.

Chin and Jawline Filling:It is a method applied to people whose forward or backward stance in the chin impairs facial aesthetics or who want a more pronounced chin appearance. It is done by anesthetizing the person's chin area and injecting the appropriate dose of hyaluronic acid filler . The chin filling session takes about 15 minutes and the healing process is fast.

Temple Filling: It is a botox procedure that is performed to ensure facial harmony and makes the temples more pronounced .

One of the most popular applications of the last period, which ensures the renewal of the skin, Paris Shine is one of the aesthetic applications performed to make the face shadow look younger and healthier.

How to Apply Paris Shine?

Local After skin cleansing, anesthetic cream is applied to sensitive individuals and waited for 20 minutes. It is then injected with a mesotherapy needle by forming a papule (with a slight swelling of the skin).
It can be applied to points of aging such as face, neck, décolleté and hands to give a fresher and brighter appearance. With the Paris glow, which can be repeated with certain sessions, the differences in your skin will show itself as vitality, brightness and youth, and you will feel more beautiful.

Face Lift with Rope Strap (French Strap): It is one of the non-surgical face rejuvenation methods with flexible ropes compatible with the human body to raise the tissue under the skin surface. People who are dissatisfied with their facial features and have complaints of wrinkles and sagging can make their choices with expert opinion Rope Strap alternatives according to their skin conditions.

Rope Axis Application Areas

In this method, although the application areas of the rope hanger may vary according to mimic movements, they are mostly the same. We can list the rope suspension application areas on the face and body as follows:

oval line of the face
forehead lines
crow's feet
Kas region

Process time

The patient does not feel pain or pain during the rope suspension application under local anesthesia.
Depending on the procedure to be performed, the time may vary. However, it is usually completed in 20 minutes.
There is no need for stitches in the rope suspension application applied to the patient.
During the procedure, it is ensured that the threads are attached to the ear inside the head.
In case of stretching for the body, rope hangers are attached to different areas.
No clinical rest or home rest is required after the procedure.
Individuals can return to their daily life.