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Our Treatment Processes


1. Biometric photo (.pdf)

• Digitally scanned biometric photos of the patient and companion

2. Flight ticket reservation (.jpeg or .pdf)

3. Hotel reservation (.jpeg or .pdf)

• In case the patient stays in the hospital during the treatment; The document prepared on the letterhead of the health institution stating that the accommodation service will be provided by the hospital will be accepted.

4. Proof of income (.jpeg or .pdf) showing that he can cover the treatment costs

• Bank-approved bank statement document containing the last 6 months. If the patient does not have his own bank account, his spouse will be accepted (an official document showing that he is a spouse will be attached)

5. Colored and legible scanned images (.jpeg or .pdf) of the front and back of the passport

6. Document showing the compulsory health or travel insurance of the patient

7. Receipt showing that the treatment fee has been paid to the health institution in Turkey

• At least $ 500 (USD) must be deposited into the hospital account, and the patient's name, surname and passport number must be written as an explanation.

Note: The documents must be requested from the patient with color scanning.