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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a branch of medicine that diagnoses diseases of internal organs and plans non-surgical treatments.

In our Internal Medicine branch, which is the department that carries out the diagnosis and treatment of the structure and function of the internal organ systems of adult patients, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases occurring in these organs, in addition to the early diagnosis of diseases, the patient's awareness about how to prevent diseases, the stages to be experienced in the treatment process of existing diseases and, if necessary, referral to different units are made.

Policlinic examinations, inpatient diagnosis, follow-up and treatments, emergency services, pre- and post-surgical patient evaluations, consultation services with other branches and Check-Up services are offered in the field of Internal Medicine with its expert and experienced physician staff.

In Our Internal Diseases (Internal Medicine) Department

• Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases

• Infectious Diseases

• Hypertension

• Stomach and intestinal system diseases

• Kidney diseases

• Heart and Lung and Liver diseases

• Thyroid diseases

• Diabetes disease

• Rheumatic diseases

• Insulin resistance and obesity treatment

• Hematological diseases

• Rheumatological Diseases and Vasculitides

• Oncological Diseases

• Treatments for Internal Medicine Check-Up Programs are implemented.