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IVF Treatment And Fertility
It is a method of activating eggs and ensuring fertilization by using calcium ionophore (calcium
ionophore) in cases where embryo transfer cannot be performed due to lack of fertilization during
IVF treatment.
In the calcium ionophore application, first the egg and sperm are fertilized by micro-injection
(ICSI); Then the eggs are kept in a medium containing calcium ionophore for a while. The main
purpose here is to artificially increase the calcium level, which should increase in the egg after the
sperm enters the egg. In other words, by supporting the reactions that should start in the egg, the

egg is forced to be fertilized. With this procedure, a healthy fertilization and therefore a high
pregnancy rate can be achieved.
Calcium ionophore therapy has been shown to be successful in the following situations:
  • In patients with “globosperm” of all sperms
  • If very few eggs or sperm are obtained
  • Recurrent fertilization (fertilization) failures
  • In cases where no fertilization can be achieved with micro-injection therapy
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