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23 July 2024

Insemination treatment is a method of selecting the sperm that is the highest quality of the sperm taken from the expectant father during the ovulation period, that is, during the period when the probability of conception of the expectant mother is the highest, and then putting it into the womb of the expectant mother. A state of fertilization that has been tried many times by natural means, but no successful results have been obtained, thanks to vaccination treatment, sperm and egg dec easily combined and fertilized. So, how will expectant parents understand this situation when Insemination gives a successful result? We will answer this question and give you more detailed information about Insemination treatment. We wish you a pleasant reading in advance.

What is Insemination?

Insemination is a treatment applied by people who want to become parents but have not been able to achieve this condition by natural means. This treatment, which is performed before starting IVF treatment, is aimed at increasing the chances of pregnancy. Insemination takes place exactly as follows;

· Several necessary tests are applied to prospective parents before.

· Male sperm is taken and the best quality sperm is selected by special procedures.

* Spermatozoa are released into the uterus when the woman's eggs are laid. Here this process is known as the vaccination process.

The vaccination method is a method used in cases where the man's sperm count or mobility is low, when there are problems with the excretion of semen during intercourse, when the woman's cervix is narrow. The cause of infertility cannot be explained in any way.

To Whom Is Insemination Therapy Prescribed?

“Who is the Insemination method applied to?"we can explain the question as follows; It is a form of treatment applied to expectant parents who want to have children, but for various reasons some kind of pregnancy condition cannot be created. For the implementation of this treatment, the man or woman must have some problems that he is experiencing. We can list the problems encountered as follows:

· If there is a lack of sperm count and mobility in a man,

· If there is a problem of unexplained infertility (infertility)

· If the woman has ovulation problems and therefore pregnancy could not be done with egg tracking

· It can be applied in couples who want to accelerate the possibility of pregnancy due to social reasons experienced by couples.

What is the Success Rate of Insemination?

With the development of technology in the medical field and the scientific studies conducted, the success rate of Insemination treatment is quite high. And every day these treatments are being enriched with a new way and it is aimed to increase the success rate of Insemination to the highest level.

When Do the Symptoms of Pregnancy Begin With the Success of Insemination?

There is no difference between the occurrence of pregnancy with Insemination and the occurrence of pregnancy by natural means and the appearance of symptoms in terms of the occurrence of pregnancy Dec In other words, expectant mothers are 3rd of pregnancy, as in naturally occurring pregnancies. from the week she begins to experience signs of pregnancy. These symptoms can be considered as complaints such as dizziness, weakness, nausea and vomiting that occur in the morning. Expectant mothers who have these symptoms can find out if they are pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. 12-14 after Insemination to see if pregnancy has occurred. on the day, the Beta HCG hormone is checked in the blood and it is understood whether pregnancy exists or not. If the pregnancy result is positive, you will need to contact your doctor and undergo an examination to keep it under control. After this examination, a clearer result will be obtained by looking at it with ultrasound and it will be determined whether there is a pregnancy or not.

After Insemination, expectant parents should continue their normal lifestyle. They do not need to change anything in their lives with the introduction of Insemination therapy. In this process, they should only take care of regular and balanced nutrition and protect themselves in the best way. We have shared all the details of the vaccination method with you in this article. If you also want to become a parent and are looking for various treatment methods for this, you can check out our page.