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Hüma Hospital continues its International Health Tourism activities by obtaining the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate approved by the Ministry of Health in 2018.
Every year, many patients from different parts of the world travel to Turkey for treatment. Hüma Hospital is an institution that has achieved great success in the field of health tourism and gives hope to our foreign patients, especially with in vitro fertilization treatments.
We are working to achieve flawless service by guiding our patients from abroad not only for the health services they receive in our hospital, but also on social issues such as special times, transportation and accommodation in our country and the city we live in, Kayseri.
We have provided health services in IVF, Gynecology and Obstetrics for our patients from Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and many parts of Europe.
We are very happy to present you.

The International Patient Services Center is designed as a “one stop” service center for convenience and supports every patient from the first day of request to the ret urn of patients to their home country.

Their medical information and results of examinations are taken from the patients who arrived at our institution via phone or mail and the treatment plan is formed with our physicians specialist at their subjects and the patient is feed backed within at latest 24 hours. The patients are informed in details at subjects such as the tr eatment prices, the accommodation’s place and period, the treatment’s details and the treatment is planned in the time period available to patient.

Coming to Turkey
The plane tickets are bought by the patient or Huma Hospital depending on the patient’s wish. The hotel/residence reservations are organized by us in direction of the accommodation selections presented to patient.
Also the support may be given to the visa processes and papers prepared aimed at the treatment plans of our patients to come to our hospital from abroad. The patients are welcomes at airport by the patient representative of Huma Hospital when
they arrived at Turkey and they are transferred to their hotels or our hospital. Their innercity transportations of our patients between hospital-hotel are made by our hospital during their treatment periods.
The organizations may be made at the touristic trip organizatio ns subject in direction of the patient’s demand in the processes out of treatment.

Huma Hospital always presents the translation and nurse supports and the transportation privilege for 7/24 to its patients in the treatment process.

The patients are also followed by the health team of Huma Hospital and physicians after they returned to their countries, and informed regularly.
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