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People may be concerned about being unable to have children, especially in the future. Today's developments have paved the way for people to have a baby at any time.
One of the most important reasons for the decrease in pregnancy rates with age is the decrease in egg quality as age progresses.
Egg reserve refers to the numerical quantity and quality of the follicles contained in the woman's ovaries. Over time, the amount of egg reserve changes under the influence of various factors. With the egg freezing process, every woman with a small egg reserve can freeze her eggs and get the chance to become a mother at any time.
Egg freezing is the process of freezing an egg called oxide obtained from a woman's ovary to be stored and used for future use.  Egg freezing process ensures the protection of women's fertility in the future. In the egg freezing process, the eggs are collected from the woman's ovaries via vaginal ultrasonography. For the question of how to apply the egg freezing process and all other details about the egg freezing process, you can continue reading our article.

Who Is the Egg Freezing Process Applied For?

Egg freezing was first used as a method used for cancer patients, and later it was also used for women with low egg reserves. In order to legally perform this procedure, appropriate planning can be done after it is determined by various tests that the woman's egg reserve is decreasing according to her age.
For whom the egg freezing process is applied, we can answer the question as follows:
• Before the treatment of people receiving treatments that can cause damage to egg cells, such as Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
• Before surgery for people who will undergo operations that will lead to loss of reproductive function
• Egg freezing is performed by people who have low ovarian reserve and have not yet given birth or who have a history of early menopause in their family history, receiving the necessary reports.

How is the Egg Freezing Process Applied?

With drug therapy, which lasts approximately 10-14 days, the ovaries are stimulated in a controlled manner. Then, egg collection is performed under anesthesia.
After these stages, the resulting egg cells are frozen by applying a rapid freezing method called vitrification. Prior to all these procedures, written permission must be obtained from the persons.  Documents and reports revealing the reason for the freeze should also be added to this form. Frozen egg cells are stored by keeping records.
Does the Freezing Process Damage the Eggs?

Freezing eggs with the egg freezing process does not cause cell death. The freezing process is a short-term cessation of intracellular molecular movement and cell metabolism.
The point that causes the death of cells is the ice crystals that form inside the cell. With the egg freezing process, the formation of intracellular ice crystals is prevented, and the cells can maintain their viability for many years in liquid nitrogen. This condition does not have a damaging effect on the eggs.
What to Consider When Choosing a Center for Freezing Eggs

The process of freezing eggs is extremely important for people. It is a process that should be carried out by specialist physicians in their field in appropriate environments, and there are many points that need to be paid attention to. It is possible to list these points as follows:
• It is extremely important that the technological infrastructure of the center that will be preferred for the egg freezing process is sufficient. Therefore, people who are going to freeze their eggs should prefer centers that have the necessary technological equipment and where the embryology laboratory is advanced.
* Centers applying a fast freezing method should be preferred. At this point, the success rates of the centers after the thawing of the eggs should also be taken into account.
As Hüma IVF center, we continue to be with you in this process with our expert staff and the technological infrastructure support necessary for the ovarian freezing process. For all the questions you have in mind, you can contact us by checking out our experts on our website.
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