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In some cases, it is not enough if only the reproductive system is healthy for pregnancy to occur. Along with the reproductive system, it is extremely important for the pregnancy process that many factors work in harmony with each other. Depending on the factors that affect the process, pregnancy may not occur in people. This condition can also be observed if the person has already become pregnant or had a healthy birth.
Infertility, which occurs as a result of a couple having regular sexual intercourse for 12 months and not being able to get pregnant even though they are not using a method of protection, can be seen in two different ways. Never before pregnancy occurs when primary infertility; a live birth or not, regardless of if at least one pregnancy occurred, secondary (secondary) infertility is defined as.
You can continue reading our article about what is secondary infertility, what are its causes, important risk factors and treatment topics.

Causes of Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility can occur due to both of the couples. The causes of secondary male infertility; the presence of varicose veins in sperm vessels, known as varicocele, infections, traumas and testicular tumors can be listed in the form of. The causes of secondary infertility in women are causes such as differences in ovulation patterns, damage or blockage of the tubes, deterioration of the structure of the uterus, and cervical and cervical cancer, especially as age progresses.
Autoimmune diseases and sexually transmitted diseases are also among the causes dec lead to secondary infertility.
In order to determine which of the many factors considered to cause the development of secondary infertility in people and to make appropriate planning, the couple should consult a specialist physician.

Risk Factors for Secondary Infertility

One of the most curious points about secondary infertility is the risk factors of secondary infertility. Many risk factors can cause the development of secondary infertility in people. These factors;
• Progression of age
• Different disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome
* Excess weight
• Previous miscarriages
* Stress
* Alcohol, smoking and substance use
It can be sorted as follows. Along with all this, various factors that may differ from person to person can also lead to the development of secondary infertility in people.

Treatment of Secondary Infertility

The causes of secondary infertility, which are an obstacle to a person's conception, can be studied in an extremely wide range. For this reason, first of all, the points that prevent a person from becoming pregnant should be determined by taking into account different factors and an appropriate treatment plan should be developed accordingly. As a result of the evaluations made by taking the patient's history, vaccination and IVF treatments may be recommended to support conception. In order to determine the condition, specific infertility tests can be administered to people after a physical and pelvic examination. The ovulation test and other hormone tests are some of them.
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