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What is Non-Surgical Weight Loss?

Non-surgical weight loss operation is one of the new obesity treatment methods applied to a certain region of the stomach with the endoscopic method. With non-surgical weight loss, the contraction of the stomach muscles is restricted, and the digestion and emptying time of the stomach is delayed, thus allowing patients to experience loss of appetite.

What is Stomach Botox?

Stomach botox is a relatively weight loss method and is an application based on the endoscopic injection of Botulinum toxin to certain parts of the stomach. By limiting the contraction of the stomach muscles, the gastric emptying time is delayed, the patient begins to lose appetite and thus the desired weight loss is achieved. The amount of weight lost varies according to the person's age, metabolic rate and supportive exercises. There is no history of the application in the literature, but it is not possible for those with muscle disease and allergy to botox to benefit from this application. Stomach botox has an appetite-reducing and diet-supporting effect, but it is not right to expect a miraculous effect. After gastric botox application, approximately 10-15 kilos can be easily lost by following the diet to be arranged by a professional dietitian and supporting it with sports.

How long does the stomach botox process take, is it necessary to stay in the hospital?

  • How long does the stomach botox process take, is it necessary to stay in the hospital?

  • Stomach botox is not an obesity surgery

  • It is a procedure that is completely endoscopically entered through the mouth.

  • There is no stomach incision.

  • During the procedure, patients are put to sleep accompanied by an anesthesiologist.

  • Hospitalization is not required.

  • A decrease in appetite and control in appetite control are achieved within about 3 days after stomach botox application.

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