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Physiologically, there are many hormones involved in the regulation of the human body. The beta HCG hormone is also a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. It allows you to diagnose the pregnancy process in the earliest possible way. In the early stages of pregnancy, the hormone Beta HCG increases significantly. For this reason, to determine pregnancy; the hormone measured by blood tests in hospitals or by home pregnancy tests is Beta HCG hormone. The hormone beta HCG begins to be secreted by the cells of the placenta from the very first moment of the fertilization process. Low beta-HCG is also a common condition. You can continue reading our article where we provide details about Beta HCG and Beta HCG miscarriage.

What is a Beta HCG Low?

In the process of pregnancy, an increase in the level of the hormone Beta HCG is expected from the moment of fertilization. This condition should progress so that every two days there is more than the previous amount. In cases where there is no stable increase in this way, a Beta HCG miscarriage may occur. A low level of the hormone Beta-HCG, which is expected to rise under normal conditions, has some risks in itself. If a beta HCG miscarriage is detected, the risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy in pregnancy is the first to carry the risk. For people with low beta HCG, proper planning can be done after performing the necessary checks.

Why Does the Beta HCG Value Decrease?

In some cases, the value of the hormone Beta HCG may be lower than the value that it should be for the corresponding week. The cause of this condition can also be caused by late fertilization. But the fact that the Beta-HCG value rises at first and then falls during pregnancy may pose a risk for pregnancy. Because the beta HCG hormone begins to be secreted by the placenta cells, a low level of Beta HCG can be encountered as a result of the loss of the baby's vitality. For this reason, it is important to consult a specialist doctor and compare the blood test with the previous Beta HCG value, especially in cases of bleeding or pain. Huma IVF continues to provide all the support necessary for planning a healthy pregnancy with its expert staff in this process. In order to find out the cause of beta HCG miscarriage and its cause, you can check out Huma IVF with its advanced technological infrastructure and doctors specializing in the field on its website.

How Soon Does the Beta HCG Value Decrease?

The value of Beta hCG in the blood provides extremely critical data, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy. An increase in the level of Beta-HCG is also expected with an increase in the gestational week. The December Beta-HCG, which increases every two days, progresses in a constant range of values towards the end of pregnancy. In physiological conditions, the Beta HCG value begins to rise in the blood for the first time 11 days after fertilization. After this event, the Beta HCG value in the blood continues to double and increase every 24 to 48 hours. 8. After fertilization. to 11 a.m. the value of Beta-HCG in the blood reaches its highest level per week, and Beta-HCG miscarriage begins to occur in the following weeks of pregnancy.

What Should Be Done to Raise Beta HCG If It Is Low?

Stress for people with a low level of beta Dec hCG can be one of the creative factors. Many medical supports can be given to people with a low level of beta-HCG. In addition, some progesterone-containing plants and foods also cause an increase in beta-HCG values. Foods that increase the beta HCG hormone include avocados, dill, tomatoes, spinach, moon Dec and walnuts. People should continue the process of following the doctor during this period. In order to have a safe pregnancy, Huma IVF family provides all the necessary support to its patients. For all this, you can check out the Human IVF specialists.
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