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Studies conducted in the field of human reproductive health reveal the negative effects of our habits that we accept as part of our daily lives. Smoking and alcohol use in reproductive health are also among the factors that have extremely negative consequences. In order to improve the quality of sperm and eggs, smoking and alcohol use should be avoided in reproductive health. It is possible to list the effects of smoking and alcohol use on female reproductive health as follows:
As the amount of alcohol consumed in women increases, the likelihood of pregnancy also begins to decrease. Alcohol consumed prevents pregnancy, leaving negative effects on the ovulation process, the transport of the egg in the fallopian tubes and the healthy attachment of the embryo to the uterus.
Another point that has an impact on women's reproductive health is smoking. Cigarette smoke contains many harmful substances in it. As the amount of cigarettes consumed increases, the likelihood of harmful effects will also increase. Smoking and alcohol consumption in reproductive health lead to decreases in the rate of conception. Especially in women who continue to consume cigarettes during pregnancy, there is a greater risk of ectopic pregnancy. However, the amount of cigarettes smoked also affects the success of IVF.

The Effects of Smoking and Alcohol on Male Reproductive Health

It is not enough to mention only women when it comes to smoking and alcohol use in reproductive health. Smoking and alcohol consumed during this process can also have negative consequences for the male reproductive system. Alcohol consumption in men leads to a decrease in the number of spermatozoa and the ratio of spermatozoa of normal structure.
Disturbances in the quality of sperm are observed in men who smoke in large quantities. Smoking and alcohol consumption in reproductive health lead to an increase in the number of spermatozoa of a normal structure, a decrease in sperm motility.

The Effect of Smoking and Alcohol on Infertility Treatment

The negative consequences caused by smoking and alcohol consumption in the reproductive health of both men and women are also supported by experts. For those who are undergoing infertility treatment, this condition has more risks. In order to achieve success in the infertility treatment process and for the process to result in a healthy pregnancy, smoking and alcohol use should be avoided.

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