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Stomach Botox

The application of Botulinum toxin (botox) to the stomach is a relatively new weight loss method based on the endoscopic injection of Botulinum toxin into certain parts of the stomach. Gastric botox, which provides "weight loss" without the need for surgical intervention, is the most preferred among the non-surgical slimming options.

Who is Stomach Botox suitable for?

Stomach botox can actually be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight. This procedure is not an obesity surgery. Our patients who meet the following criteria can choose it.

Our patients, who cannot lose weight properly with diet and sports,

Our patients with a body mass index below 40,

For our patients with stomach ulcers or gastritis, they can have stomach botox after the treatment process is completed.

Who can't be applied stomach botox?

Like every application, there are people who should not be treated with stomach botox. Stomach botox should not be applied to cancer patients, especially pregnant women, those who are undergoing cancer treatment, those who have had recent surgery and those who have gastrointestinal system diseases. Also; It is not recommended to apply stomach botox alone to people whose body mass index is above 35 kg/m2. Because it will not be appropriate to reduce the targeted weight only with stomach botox, combined treatments or bariatric surgery will be more suitable for these patients.

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