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How many times can IVF treatment be tried?

IVF treatment, which is preferred by couples who cannot conceive naturally and cannot have children, is a source of hope for couples who cannot have children due to the development of medicine and technology. IVF treatment is the fertilization of male and female reproductive cells outside the body under laboratory conditions. Currently, couples have a 95 percent chance of success with IVF treatments. IVF treatment is one of the most successful methods in the treatment of infertility, the cause of which is not clear, or which cannot be conceived in the most natural ways. If couples do not succeed in their first attempts at IVF treatments, they should not despair and stress immediately. Because there are no restrictions on IVF treatment.

How many times can IVF treatment be tried?


A study conducted on couples undergoing IVF treatment shows that the rate of achieving pregnancy in couples after the first three trials is 95 percent. In addition, no number can be given about the number of treatments in the remaining group. The experts are also 4. or 5. there is an opinion that the chances of IVF success in trials are slightly lower than in the first three trials. The success rate of IVF treatment does not depend on many attempts. Multiple factors, such as the age of the couples, obtaining a quality embryo, affect the success rate of IVF treatment at a critical point.

Is Success Achieved in the First Attempt in IVF?

The chances of pregnancy during the one-month treatment period with the insemination method or ovulation treatments are about 20% or slightly more than the chances of a healthy couple becoming pregnant in a month. These treatments can be tried 3 or 4 times until pregnancy is achieved, but most of the pregnancies are obtained in the first months of treatment. Continuing treatment for more than 4 years will not increase the chances of pregnancy, so you can switch to IVF treatment.

Currently, thanks to newly developed methods and applications, the success rate of in vitro fertilization treatment is gradually increasing, if success is not achieved at the first attempt, repeated attempts can be made. The chance of becoming pregnant in a month with IVF treatments varies depending on age, but on average it is up to 50-60%. Pregnancy rates can increase by more than 90% after 4 applications when more than one treatment is performed in a row. For this reason, the chances of becoming pregnant increase with the number of attempts in couples who do not have a specific problem.

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